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There’s been a great conversation on Social Networks going on at the ISED-L Listserv. Here are the archives.

And my two cents:


This is a great conversation. Conversation with students on social networks is important, but it is really the kids who are going to make the decisions on how they use technology. I for one would have been all over this as a teen. I spend lots of time
socializing in middle and high school (and avoided homework like the plague) — and I think that this type of social software makes the links for students even stronger. The potential for good use is amazing, so we have to get involved, show students
good role models, by blogging or participating in social networks, and being there for them in those teachable moments. Here are two Will Richardson links that really hit the nail on the head (one blog and one audio post). I highly recommend you read
the Grieving at MySpace post — It’s amazing.

Grieving at MySpace

Alan November Interviewing Will Richardson on blogging and social networks

We need to keep discussing this with your students, and start seeing these networks through their eyes. The only way we can deal with this is by trusting them.

One thought on “Social Networks…

  1. >Alex,
    >Thanks for this comment. Modeling is mighty powerful pedagogy.
    >My response to a prompt a student puts up on our blog says more about my
    >expectations as a teacher for a level of discourse in our writing than
    >anything I could say about my expectations.


    Those are powerful words and will resonate with me for a long time.

    Getting down to our students level and treading them as equals by respecting and trusting them — goes a long way to the goals of what I believe education should be.

    Thanks again.

    – Alex

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