November Questions

Notes from November Learning Conference – Summer 2005 – Alan November Leadership Podcast…

Lots to digest — Thanks to Alan November for posting this all as a podcast. Amazing amounts of information!

How to work with Teachers?
Ask them:
What do you love to teach?
How do you do it?
What are the most troublesome parts of the curriculum?
Align tech with curriculum —
Teachers bring kids to pd sessions and observe the pd person teaching the students.
Teach teachers the Socratic method — conversation is all.
What technology can I show you to not automate, but infomate that learning (See below)

Family First – Family is key to learning (Video Tape example)

How to Evaluate Technology in Schools
1. Do they have access to more Information?
2. Is the technology enhancing relationships?
3. Are people empowering beyond where they were empowered before?
? What information do teachers really need to know to be better teachers?

Bringing people together in new and different ways. Creating relationships that are authentic to — motivation are relationships vs. technology.

Infomating vs Automating

What information does a teacher need to do his or her job?

Staff Development

What are the leader’s goals, and how is it going to be evaluated (measurable)?
Design workshops to these goals (Align goals with workshop)
Leader should have a schedule to observe after the workshop what is happening (i.e. 30, 60, 90 day followups for observable change – above). This builds in accountability.

Research of Adult Learning

Adults who go into pd seminars will confirm fears in their seminars
Research finds that we confirm fears in pd.
You should ask people in advance about what fears and hopes they have for seminars (needs to be anonymous and happen before)
The most important role of a leader is to validate fear
Emotional relief when people feel that others have their own fears — Create conditions about what their worst fears are and best hopes.
Then – Map fears to hopes

Fear and hope are the two main motivators of adult behavior.

OK now we have a map of fear to hope — if these fears come true, we will course correct — Check in every 6 months.

Create Collaboration — Power of leveraging people to people

Data drive decision making – What do you do with data? We need to be able to understand it.

Leaders should be fantastic researchers and understanding technology.

Ask your kids — if you were in charge of technology, what would you do?

With Books — we had a sense of control — now the students are in command. We have never trusted kids. Now we need to figure out how to capture their imagination while competing.

Get rid of technology planning committee — add a learning results committee.

End game: Technology is enabler, not the end game. Information, critical thinking, and empowerment are the goal. Balance of control and access.