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Thanks to John Pederson from pedersondesigns for the idea to start publishing my links!
MarcoPolo – Internet Content for the Classroom
Classroom resourses for teachers. … (tags: middleschool upperschool lowerschool learning)
Michael Fullan
International Leader in School Change — … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning leadership school-change)
BLOG » Patch for WordPress 2.0 trackback issue
fixing wordpress 2.0 trackback issues … (tags: wordpress trackback patch) is a free service from Oracle Education Foundation for primary and secondary schools. … (tags: education 21st-Century-Learning online-learning lowerschool middleschool upperschool)
Room 298 Podcast: 12.16.05
Lower School 3rd and 4th graders discussing the wikipedia debate about the publication of bad information … (tags: wikipedia blogging podcast lowerschool)
BlogBridge: Home
Java RSS Agregator — Highly recommended… … (tags: rss blogging)
(tags: content-filtering)
Media Monitor – Worse Than Wikipedia – January 20, 2006
John Seigenthaler, the founding editorial director of USA Today, has been making tons of media appearances ever since he blew the whistle on how the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia had published false information about him. He first used USA Today, the lar … (tags: wikipedia OntheMedia)
Lawrence Lessig
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been looking for a simple way to make presentations that link my slides with my voice. Leonard Lin did it originally with my OSCON speech in 2002. He even built a simple way to take timings from PowerPoint and include th … (tags: screencast lessig)
What is PHP Surveyor? PHP Surveyor is a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys, publish surveys and collect responses to surveys. Once a survey has been created it can be published as an online survey (displayed as single questi … (tags: survey open-source)
BSM – Instrument Discovery
For the past six months, we have worked to create an exciting new section of Instrument Discovery. Hours of video were shot and edited with the goal of introducing seventeen of the most commonly played instruments to our online community. … (tags: learning music)
Marketplace from American Public Media
Marketplace Focus on China — Very interesting stories that give interesting examples of a flattening world. … (tags: npr history)
Weblogg-ed – The Read/Write Web in the Classroom :
An amazing description of Lessig and the read/write web that captures so much of what is happening right now. … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning learning blogging)
Welcome | Creative Commons
(tags: library creativecommons)
Black and White Printing
Developing Black and White Prints – How To … (tags: photography black&white-processing)
Developing Black and White FIlm
How to develop your black and white film … (tags: photography black&white-processing)
NoodleTools – Smart Tools, Smart Research
Librarian who put together a great site for search … (tags: search 21st-Century-Learning library)
Teoma – Search with Authority
Search — Counts the numer of outbound links from a site … (tags: search 21st-Century-Learning)
Technorati: Home
Search engine for the blogosphere … (tags: search 21st-Century-Learning blogging blogosphere library)
Home – Berkman Center for Internet & Society
The Berkman Center’s mission is to explore and understand cyberspace, its development, dynamics, norms, standards, and need or lack thereof for laws and sanctions. We are a research center, premised on the observation that what we seek to learn is not … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning learning web-resources)
H2O Playlist: About H2O
About H2O Playlist Learn about the philosophy behind H2O in our video: Go With the Flow. H2O playlists are more than just a cool, sleek technology — they represent a new way of thinking about education online. An H2O Playlist is a series of links t … (tags: learning 21st-Century-Learning web-resources)
Partnership for 21st Century Skills – Reports & Publications
The Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ reports and publications examine a vision for learning in the 21st century that better prepares students for work and life in the new millennium. Our reports and publications were developed through a comprehensive … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning learning)
21st Century Skills
NCREL Report of Education … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning)
H2O Playlist: Martin Luther King Day
Will Richardson’s Playlist for MLK day learning. Awesome idea — H2O is Harvard’s Product — Neat stuff… … (tags: learning blogging edubloggers 21st-Century-Learning)
Building a 21st Century Learning Community
Grantees will be expected to develop a viable course, to be offered in the Fall of 2006 or Spring of 2007. Course must integrate technology into education, and cross perceived barriers between K-12 and post-secondary educators and institutions. Addition … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning learning)
On Point : The Dawning Age of the Right Brain – The Dawning Age of the Right Brain
(tags: learning learning-theory npr)
IT Conversations: Geoffrey Moore – Open Source Has Crossed the Chasm…Now What?
(tags: open-source)

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