links for the week…

Computer Science Teachers Association
(tags: learning computer-science)
Abject Learning: The network delivers the goods
Excellent examples of great wiki and blog uses in education — the guys posted a request for good examples and ended up flooded. … (tags: blogging wiki web2.0 learning)
podcasting book that are in the public domain … (tags: library podcasting books)
James Frey – Interview on On The Media … (tags: journalism)
NCQ Talk – The Intersection of Technology and Learning
Podcasting web site that discusses the Intersection of Technology and Learning. … (tags: learning blogging podcasting)
Sustainability and Leadership Article
Eight Elements for Superintendents who want to make a difference and have the resolve to do so. Neat School Change article on the elements of a successful change. … (tags: 21st-Century-Learning school-change leadership)

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