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SOF: The Buddha in the World | Transcript of Radio Program | [Speaking of Faith® from American Public Media]
I’m Krista Tippett. Today, a provocative take on the modern world. I’ll speak with Indian journalist Pankaj Mishra. In an intellectual and personal adventure, Mishra pursued the history and meaning of the Buddha, not as a religious figure but as a critica … (tags: npr religion buddism)
One to One Computing in Independent Schools – Welcome to this collaborative resource!
(tags: 1:1 wiki)
One to One – School Computing
(tags: 1:1 wiki)
Teaching Generation Z
Teacher Weblog from an Australian … (tags: edubloggers)
Measuring the Impact of 1:1 Technology Immersion
(tags: 1:1 21st-Century-Learning)
NCQ Talk – The Intersection of Technology and Learning » Blog Archive » NCQ Talk Ep. 16 – 10/03/2005
Amazing Podcast about the using stories in your curriculum. Great for librarians — … (tags: library podcast blogging)
Beta Schools – Practical Theory
The theory that faculty and students should be in a space of perpetual learning together — classes never the same, lesson plans always changing, classes fluid depending on what the goal is and what external information has changed… Interesting — ho … (tags: education learning 21st-Century-Learning)
Teoma Search: About Teoma
Instead of ranking results based upon the sites with the most links leading to them, Teoma analyzes the Web as it is organically organized-in naturally-occurring communities that are about or related to the same subject-to determine which sites are most r … (tags: search)
Free eBooks – Project Gutenberg
17,000 Books in the public domain … (tags: books creativecommons learning education)
The Home Digital Darkroom – Beginners Slide Show Tutorial
Digital Darkroom PowerPoint … (tags: photography)

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