10 Reasons to Increase Education Spending

David Warlick just posted the following:

I think that Bush should propose a 25% increase in education adding 15 billion to the approximately 60 billion that is currently available for national education programs.

If you agree, why? What are the top 10 reasons why George Bush should passionately be calling for congress to increase education spending by 25%?

I could think dozens of reasons to increase education spending, but here are my first few thoughts:

  • Expand schools to cover birth though 18 — reflecting the current realities of the average U.S. family and taking advantage of the young learner
  • Redefine the school year to cover 12 months and full days, building experiences like camp or activities into the schedule
  • Create a national vision for what the goals of education should be: Lower emphasis on content and emphasize the skills we need to participate in a 21st century global democracy
  • Increased compensation for teachers = increased competition for positions = better schools
  • Better funding of educational research and its application
  • Giving school districts/principles the flexibility to create schools that have different styles and address the students in their population
  • Smaller classrooms so teachers can create personal connections with their students

As schools get better, you have fewer students dropping out, getting in trouble with the law, saving us money incarcerating people = paying for increase in education.

These might all be crazy, but I work in a school where tuition is 25K and that does not pay for all of the bills. Money does make a difference. We need caring teachers who are well respected and appreciated as professionals by their students, administrators, and parents. Faculty who collaborate and keep tweaking their teaching every year as new research is available or new teaching techniques emerge. Faculty who know that they are cultivating the future of our world and want to make it a better place to live.

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