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Commented Links to Papers and Articles – Blog EFL/ESL Wiki
(tags: blogging research)
Blackboard vs. Moodle
(tags: blackboard online-learning elearning moodle)
Stuart Highlights – a photoset on Flickr
(tags: flickr emotion birth death)
NPR : Student Gladly Shares Life Details on the Web
(tags: blogging professional-development npr)
November Learning | Building Learning Communities | Resources | Archive of Articles, Alans Favorite Websites…
(tags: research library)
Baylor School
(tags: independent-school podcasting)
U Tech Tips
(tags: web2.0 web-resources professional-development)
Is it content we’re after? at The Thinking Stick
(tags: blog-about)
VitalSource Technologies, Inc. – About VitalSource
(tags: infowiki digital-textbook)
SuprGlu – Gluing your life together.
Do you already use services like, flickr, blogger, typepad, etc? SuprGlu is a new way to gather all your content from those sites. In a nutshell, SuprGlu: * gathers your content from popular webservices and publishes them in one conveni … (tags: rss blogging web2.0 aggregator tools)
* Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible from anywhere. * Share your bookmarks with everyone, with friends on your watchlist or just keep them private. * Tag your bookmarks with as many labels as you want, instead of wrestli … (tags: social-bookmarking open-source)
The Digital Universe
The Digital Universe is a network of interlinked web portals intended to become — over time — the largest reliable public information resource in history. Currently available in an initial pilot test release, the Digital Universe reveals the “Un … (tags: wikipedia Education collaboration Reference)
The Seven Competencies of Online Interaction – a photoset on Flickr
The Seven Competencies of Online Interaction – slides … (tags: online-learning 21st-Century-Learning library research)
Windows Live Ideas – Homepage
(tags: web2.0 windows microsoft)
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
(tags: tools microsoft powertoys utilities)
EDUCAUSE | Security Task Force | Computer Security Awareness Video Contest
The EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force and the National Cyber Security Alliance would like to announce the winners of a computer security awareness video contest, which was held as part of a national campaign to raise awareness of … (tags: socialsoftware education internet-safety)

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