Telling Stories

In order to really move our schools along into the 21st Century, we have to tell amazingly compelling stories of why the change from faculty to student centered education is so critical.  There have been some amazing posts and podcasts on this subject recently.  Here are some links:

Speed of Creativity – Wesley Fryer
2 Cents – David Warlick

These are intense conversations that are shaping the way I am thinking.

My department is sponsoring a professional development day for our K-12 faculty on Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts in April.  These blogs and podcasts will definitely shape my presentation.

My feeling is that Warlick is asking for the actual stories.  Do you have one?  I immediately think of Will Richardson’s The Secret Life of Bees story (and the actual site).  Any stories you have of using these technologies effectively would be great.   Post them up.  Link here.

Happy Spring!

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