Taking Care of Ourselves

From Practical Theory:

So here’s my question to you: What’s your best “Get Away From Our Schools” technique?

I’m on a three week paternity leave right now.  On my first two leaves (Elly is 5 and Evan is 2.5) I didn’t have the blogosphere to distract me.  I feel that it is harder to get away now than it was in the past. My laptop is wirelessly connected to the Internet all the time and it sits on my kitchen table much of the day —  I’m half Italian so I spend much of my time in the kitchen:-).  I know I can turn it off, but it’s hard.
What I have done, is to go for long walks, get stuff done around the house, play with my daughter on her play mats, read her books, pick up my other two from day care early each day, cook, give baths, etc.  This summer, I hope to spend at least a week at the beach.

But even as I am doing these other things, my mind is constantly thinking about the ideas that I have read that day, the news of the day, the book I want to read after the kids go to bed, the dishes, lunches, etc. that have to get done before I go to bed.

How to separate these?  I guess what I love about my job is that I can apply much of what I learn each day to the relationships that I have with my family — my wife, my kids.  It’s all about human behavior and learning, creating, and being better global citizens.  I hope I model that for them, even though I may be day dreaming about some issue as I play with them at the park, give them baths, or play tickle torture with them while getting them dressed.

How’s that for “Getting Away from School?


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