Webcasting at the Podcasting Academy Conference

On Friday and Saturday, I followed the Podcast Academy at Boston University, via Jeff Lebow from Educational Bridges. Jeff and his partner Doug Symington (in the studio) webcast the conference live.  Jeff interviewed participants and attendees via his cell phone live during the breaks.  The surprise of folks he was interviewing when he told them he was webcasting live was great.  Webcasting at a podcasting conference truly showed the dynamic possibilities of being live as opposed to a produced show. 

What’s amazing about this is that anyone can do this.  The leveling of the media field is happening, and Jeff Lebow’s dream of people webcasting for all is on its way.

Thanks to Jeff for being a trailblazer, as well as giving me a tour of the Podcast Academy at Boston University – an  excellent event that I would have missed if he had not attended.



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