NYSAIS EdTech 2006

The momentum is here — arvind and I have been discussing how to extend the 2006 NYSAIS Conference for Managers of Technology on our webcast this fall. I’m on the planning committee, and arvind is the blog manager (or blog master as I like to call him:D). With the help of our NYCIST FreeBSD Guru and a donated server, we’ve put up this Drupal site: http://www.nycist.net.

We’re pretty excited as we’re going to live webcast the main sessions of the conference and allow folks to chime in the chat room. We’re also asking that participants use del.icio.us and flickr to post links and photos with the NYSAISEdTech2006 tag. Folks can also blog using the Conference tag (NYSIASEdTech2006) and getting aggregated to our site (right navbar) or New York State area Educators and register and blog at the NYCIST.net web site. How’s that for the read/write web extended conference?

A year ago, I couldn’t webcast and didn’t know what del.icio.us was. Hopefully we’ll bring some of the other folks at this conference along for the ride. Then they can go back and bring their schools along. Very, very exciting.

We’ll be doing our final planning session tomorrow at 1:30pm EST at EdTechTalk.

Have a story you want to share? Something that will help our conference participants learn these new technologies? We’re already using some of the K-12 Online Conference posts to help folks along.

Let the conversation begin continue.

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2 thoughts on “NYSAIS EdTech 2006

  1. Alex, I’ve got to tell you that your enthusiasm is contageous. I’m not a tech manager, don’t work at an independent school, and have never set foot in the state of New York — but I’m looking forward to learning from and with you at the conference. Actually even remembered that it started today. Here’s hoping I learn a lot from all of your hard work! I already have learned a great deal from your pre-conference shows, particularly the one on Drupal with Bill Fitzgerald.

  2. Hey Bud — Lots of inspiration from the WorldBridges and K-12 Online folks on this one. We’re excited. Looking forward to seeing you in the chat room for some of the presentations — Dave Cormier and Nancy White are Friday morning — really psyched about that combo. Thanks for the comment. Got it right in the middle of 21st Century Learning #21 — posting now!

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