Spring Break… Slowing down…

It’s Spring Break. The kids (and teachers) are gone for two weeks… Today has been very quiet. It’s been quite a productive day. Last year at this time, I was running around fixing things and installing new hardware/software. This year, I’m catching up on posting audio files, cleaning out my hard drive, and generally, just trying to catch up a bit.

What’s the difference? We have a new Head of School and Business Manager this year. One of the great parts of these two new perspectives is that I have been forced to slow down and look at our whole program. We have begun to review our mission, student technology program, staffing, budget, computer to technical support ratios, and training/professional development program.

This slowing down has been hard for me. But as we have, I’ve realized parts of the program that were missing/glossed over. So for next year, we will concentrate on reliability of systems and faculty professional development. We will have two new department members next year, and their perspectives will inform our metamorphosis as well.

I keep catching myself wanting to offer professional development seminars on blogging, wikis, etc, but that will come. Our professional development Tech 20s will get there… But I need a critical mass of faculty who are comfortable with tech before we go further. One step at a time.

It feels good to slow down.

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