Balancing Act

“You can’t keep up with all of the information, so don’t try.” That was one of the things that I said multiple times during my Saturday trip to EduCon 2.0 this past weekend. It’s true. With all of the networks and resources out there, Blogs, Nings, Twitter, Podcasts, Books, Television, etc., how do you keep up? You can’t. You just have to decide that much of the information will pass by and move on.

I find that I go through cycles. I think this is healthy. I read books for a month, I listen to podcasts during a vacation, I read RSS when I open up Google Reader, I check my Twitter account for a few minutes a day. The reality though, is that I can’t keep up with any of these the way I would like to. So I have to let go. And that’s ok.

It’s important to balance all of this with real live: family time with my wife and kids; time to look at the sky or stars; time to watch some bad TV; as Vinnie discussed, time to do chores; time to read the newspaper; and time to sleep.

And so the balancing act continues.

Photo Credit: #45/365: Balancing Act

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