Disrupting Class Primer

I have been having lots of conversations at school (the one where I work) about  Disrupting Class.  People keep saying, "I have to read the book." 

Obviously, reading the book is the best way to get this, but if you don’t have time to read the book right now and want a primer, here’s some audio/video/text to get you  up to speed:

Start here:

And if you’re still interested (this is what’s on my bookshelf at least):

There are tons of other good resources out there.  I’ve been watching Google Blog Search for Disrupting Class as well. 

arvind, Vinnie and I will also be interviewing Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson on 11/24 at noon EST and 12/4 at 2:15 EST respectively at EdTechTalk

What recommendations do you have? 


2 thoughts on “Disrupting Class Primer

  1. This was very helpful background info, thanks! What I’m missing tho is the counterpoint. In my read of the book, I found many many flaws. Yet all of the reviews are positive, glowing even. That tells me that the reviewers are not seeing clearly. In any work, there are positives and negatives. Not seeing the negatives is dangerous polyanaism (I just made that word up…). Not having questions raised leaves us with only half of the picture. Know what I mean?

  2. Ron — Thanks for the comment. It’s been bouncing around in my head and I’m trying to think of the arguments in the book that I have the most questions about. One is the Multiple Intelligences argument. Multiple Intelligences are not scientifically verified. Another could be the prediction of 40% of High School Courses being customized and online by 2019. You could argue with the Disruptive Innovation theory, but I think Christensen has a whole book of research supporting that.

    So we’re interviewing the author’s today and next Thursday. Come on out and ask those questions: http://edtechtalk.com/live. Or post them here and I’ll ask them…

    Thanks for adding to the conversation.

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