The TEDxNYED Challenge…

I could not have said this better…

This may be idealistic, but if I could talk about what I’d want for a TED Prize, it’d be to spend a year getting a 1,000 conversations going about what we dream education could be all over the country… and to record them all… and catalogue parents and students and teachers best hopes for school, so that we could have an action plan about where we need to go, because I don’t know that we, as a nation, know what we want or how to get there. But I’d love to find out what it might look like, and I’d love to think that the folks at TEDxNYED would have something to add to the discussion. (From the comments on Dan Meyer's TEDxNYED Metadata)

Chris' dream for a TED prize is in my mind, what each and every participant at TEDxNYED should be doing: Going forth and telling the 1000s of stories that will move education forward.  Let's do it. 

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