Memorizing or Natural Learning

Fred Bartels asked:  I’m really curious about your emphasis on memorization still being important. This came up in our meeting yesterday. When you get a chance could you elaborate on your thinking?

I responded:  There seems to be a statement that futurists make about not having to remember anything because it’s at your fingertips.  Traditionalists tend to say that kinds need to remember everything.

In my experience, to be creative, you need to have content knowledge, but if you’re naturally learning something, memorizing it is not a conscious matter, but one that comes naturally.  For example, when children move to a different country where a different language is spoken, they just pick it up.  This is a natural memorizing, not an unnatural one.

There are basic pieces of information that we should know and by using a more natural form of education, students will learn by doing.  I think that games are a great way to teach things like the multiplication tables.  For example, my kids teachers recommend different card games.  That works well.  Fun = easy memorizing.

I think that there is a balance between the obsessed memorizers and the folks who say we can look everything up…

Does this make sense?

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