David Brooks – The Medium Is the Medium – NYTimes.com

Today, David Brooks wrote in his column, The Medium is the Medium,

“Perhaps that will change. Already, more “old-fashioned” outposts are opening up across the Web. It could be that the real debate will not be books versus the Internet but how to build an Internet counterculture that will better attract people to serious learning.”

I have so many thoughts on in depth learning and the web.  I believe that I’ve learned a great deal through my learning network online.  I have also remained solidly in the book, conference,  face to face, mentor/mentee learning world.  I find that my learning network allows me to test my ideas and receive challenges to grow.  It’s the social part of my learning.

As a teacher of students who grow up immersed in the Internet culture my instincts tell me that we need to be observing how they live in these online worlds while making suggestions/modeling ways to remain reflective thinkers and learners. Do you agree, disagree?

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