Integrating Technology into your Classrom – PK – 3rd Grade


This afternoon I ran a session on Integrating Technology into your Pre-K – 3rd Grade Classroom.  I ran through a few examples of how we use technology for communication and in the classroom at Collegiate ,and then reviewed some of the great iPad apps I’ve been testing out.  Thanks to all of the participants for your great questions/comments.  Below are my slides and links to resources that we discussed.  Please post questions in the comments!

Point 1: Build a Personal Learning Network

Join the Independent School Educator’s NING

or Join Twitter and follow these elementary school educators or these curriculum coordinators.

Point 2: Communication: Newsletter

Use a Content Management System – We use Whipplehill’s Community Groups to build a newsletter with photos and news stories for your parents.

Point 3: Use a blog to communicate or have your students write and publish information

Get a free blog at Edublogs,, or Blogger.  Even easier options available at Posterous.co or

Post videos at and embed them in your blog.

Point 4: Geography: Use Google Earth to show your students the world!

Point 5: Problem Solving: Scratch

Scratch is a free program that is an excellent introduction to programming for students.  You can tell stories, create games or work on challenges with your students.  Here’s a great site to start learning scratch.

Point 6: Communicate with Video

Create videos that show students gaining mastery of jumping, playing or teaching another student a skill they have learned.  Post these videos at Vimeo and embed them on your blog.  You can use a flip video camera (I recommend putting them on tripods)

Point 7: The iPad

We looked at the following apps:


Web Albums

Math Lite




Thanks to @melhutch and @inixon for their support on this presentation!

What did I miss?  What are your questions?

What is your favorite resource for Lower School Technology Integration?

One thought on “Integrating Technology into your Classrom – PK – 3rd Grade

  1. Good article. My class have recently used these flip cameras and they were extremely engaged in the activity. They had to film a short documentary about a landmark of their town. Because of the use of technology they became immersed in the history. They learnt how to use the video editing software, which became a good literacy activity when they inserted sub headings and the finishing credits. Highly recommended!

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