The future of education is student-centered and empowers learners: NAIS AC 2018

Over the past two days, it’s been a pleasure to engage with educators from across the country discussing how education is evolving to serve our students and their future. Here are a few highlights.

Adam Grant says that successful givers:

  • Help other people while protecting their own goals. They say, “I care about other people and I also care about my own ambitions.”
  • Set boundaries on time. Chunking their giving all at once to create more fulfillment.
  • Are specialists, not generalists. Know what acts of giving you are best at and delegate the rest.
  • Praise the value of generosity. Thank others for being givers.

Data Has a Personality: I presented with don buckley, Saber Khan and Linda Vasu. We were lucky enough to have Jill Gough sketch the highlights:

by Jill Gough

Navi Radjou’s keynote: Beyond Smartness: Leading Wisely in a Conscious Society. Navi states that:

  • Wise leaders can modulate between functional and business smarts depending on the situation.
  • Make sure to have strategy (what) and purpose (why) in mind.
  • See the potential of others and amplify them!
  • Have an abundance mindset. Looking for fulfillment inside.

Sisonke Msimang then spoke about the power of language and storytelling.

  • Listening is as important as storytelling. Listening to stories requires you to be empathetic and learn from another person.
  • “May we all do stories and may that be the measure of our lives.” – Toni Morrison

Social Justice in the Student-Centered Classroom by John Bouton and John Daves, Ph.D.

  • What is student centered education? We discussed building skills and competencies that can be applied across contexts. They used an I Notice, I Think, I Wonder protocol to analyze a poem which challenged us to infer the gender and race of the author. This conversation kept us discussing race and identity, a critical conversation for all, but especially white Americans.

Luma Mufleh gave our closing keynote entitled, Changing the World One Game at a Time. A powerful story, of empowering refugees through Soccer, and then building a no tuition private school for these students. She described terrible racism and bias, as well as unbelievable challenges in keeping this school going. You should check out her TED Talk here.


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