What I’m Reading. What are you Reading?

I am interested in the conversation about where education needs to be in 5, 10, and 20 years.

Below are a few of the books I’m accumulating for summer reading.  What else would you recommend?

Daring Greatly — Brene Brown — Definitely check out her TEDx Talk too.  Brown tackles vulnerability and shame. Her work has changed the way I approach leadership teaching, and my family.  Engaging your family, colleagues, students from alongside and working to see what they see and feel what they feel.

The Secrets of Happy Families — A great book on parenting and being a better parent in our intensely competitive and over scheduled world.

Creating Innovators — Tony Wagner — What we should be doing/thinking about in education to prepare our students for their futures.

If you’d like to discuss what books you are recommending and how you are helping your faculty look towards the future, please let me know.


Time for Vacation… Inbox Zero

I’m preparing for a couple weeks of vacation.  It feels good to get away and I really need the R&R right now. 

This morning, I dug through my inbox and next actions lists and I feel like there is not much falling through the cracks.  I have not been the best Getting Things Done student, but the system has helped me stay much more organized than in the past.  Here’s my inbox as of three minutes ago (I’ve heard two new messages come in since then!):


Feels very good. 

See you all in Late August.